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CMI Publishing Ltd: GPAQ Analysis and reporting

We provide a fast, flexible, analysis and reporting service for surveys, in particular, GP patient and colleague surveys.


GPAQ Questionnaire


Our association with GPAQ started
with Manchester University, and
followed GPAQ's move to Cambridge University.
The questionnaire has evolved over its lifetime.
The latest version, GPAQ-R2, covers GP Revalidation,
the Friends and Family Test (FFT)
plus the usual practice survey questions,
for items important to patients.
We also offer analysis of all legacy versions of GPAQ.

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You are welcome to contact us by email
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to talk it through if you wish, and for
a quote, no obligation. Our prices are
very reasonable and haven't
increased for some years now.
If you'd prefer to talk on the phone,
e-mail and we can arrange a convenient
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